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Maintenance And Repair Of Automatic Doors

Here at Shop Front Automated Doors, we are passionate regarding the security and dependability of door systems throughout the UK. Call today for automatic door repairs in Bedford, Warwickshire and the surrounding areas.

If you have automatic doors on your facilities,  these need to be maintained. You need to ensure that you evaluate the doors regularly to guarantee their safety and operation. These doors are common in shops, resorts, financial institutions, manufacturing facilities and other various outlets. 

Shop Front Automated Doors are market leaders in the maintenance, repair and maintenance all automatic doors. From minor repairs to thorough door servicing contracts. We can look after all your automatic door maintenance needs using an expense efficient, trusted solution.

If you fail to repair or maintain automatic doors, you could be in trouble. A company needs to offer a safe working environment for your staff members. You could invalidate your property insurance. If a client becomes injured due to a poor operating automatic door, you can be billed and taken to court.

Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use

BS7036 'Safety at powered doors for pedestrian use'. This positions the responsibility of the building owner/manager to make sure the safe use their automatic door services. It stipulates that automated doors must have maintenance executed each year. This needs to be completed by trained, proficient engineers. This will ensure their compliance to BS7036 as soon as out of its warranty period.

We supply the same great solution that you would expect from any corporate supplier. We offer the included incentive that we supply fair and affordable solutions to you.

As we are a small business, we do not have the overheads of some of the larger rivals. So we can pass these savings on you, our customer, offering extremely affordable rates for any door fixings, setups and components.

We are everything about delivering top quality doors with a great service to match. Every one of our designers are well known for their competence as we can set up, preserve and repair any manual and automatic door system.