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Automatic Door Openers for Disabled Access

We specialise in automatic door openers for disabled access. With over 25 years experience of giving options to overcome difficulties connected with wheelchair door access. 

Shop Front Automated Doors can provide solutions including disabled door openers. We offer a wide range of automatic door options and controls. These match all individual demands. We supply an economical solution to disability door access.

Automatic door opener

An automatic door opener should last a lifetime. We provide an unprecedented Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Warranty. The doors are built with metal components and ultra dependable electric motors. We are confident that the door opener will give many years of dependable operation. That's why our tough door opening up systems have been installed countless times in many business premises.

Shop Front Automated Doors have been at the leading edge of door automation. We help customers meet lawful compliance and promote accessibility for all. We completely recognise legal specs and can advise on the most cost-effective means to meet these requirements. This will permit a disabled person to enter. They will easily move around and safely leave properties, as it would be for an able-bodied individual.

Automatic entry doors

We install, repair & maintain all types of automatic doors with access control components to your certain demands. Numerous alternatives to activate automatic doors consist of:

  • Secret fobs, either fitted to a wheelchair, on a pendant, purse or pocket
  • Doors can be equipped with a wall installed push pad
  • Stress mats positioned under carpets to open the door when pressure is applied
  • Infra-red handicapped door motion sensors offering hands-free door activation

The beauty of automatic door openers is that they can be set up on any door. This means an existing door can be changed from manual to automatic. This offers an alternative for those that don't have space or funds for the installation of an all-new automatic door.

Automatic door openers are installed near the top of a swing door, permitting it to open up or shut automatically. They are compatible with many door kinds and materials. They can be regulated by using sensors, remotes or access control devices.